6 myths we are told every time we watch The Biggest Loser

  1. If I am overweight, there is something wrong and shameful about my body.
  2. If I am overweight, I need to lose weight to find confidence, happiness and self-worth.
  3. Weight loss is easy. If I can’t lose weight, there is something wrong with me.
  4. Extreme dieting and overtraining, even though they increase my risk of nutritional deficiencies and injury, are necessary practices because they result in weight loss.
  5. Weight loss is the most important outcome of exercise and eating.
  6. I am defined by the number I see on the scales.

Each of these assumptions are incorrect, ineffective and dangerous.

They do not just undermine why, and how, we should be striving to eat better and exercise more.

They also, very worryingly, reinforce the idea that changing who we are is a requirement for us to be self-accepting, confident and happy.

If you really think about it, why should this ever be true?

We now know that:

The Biggest Loser is now well over a decade behind the scientific world, which suggests that a better and healthier way to manage your weight in the long-term is, ironically, to stop making it all about your weight.

The desire to be the biggest loser undermines our ability to feel like, and be, a winner.

3 responses

  1. Amen. I couldn’t agree more.
    It’s a pity the people on the show out their bodies through such torment and it scares me how many people at home use the show as a guide for their own weight loss… *sigh*

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  2. Great post Tim. This show annoys me. I think I managed to watch part of an early season and all I can remember is how everything is about weight and you are defined by your weight. I also recall the people who exercised and restricted their intakes to extremes often lost small amounts of weight or put on weight and they were devastated. Definitely not healthy in any respect. The show in a way is an experiment that reveals every time weight can’t be controlled and weight loss doesn’t solve your issues. This show needs to look at the scientific evidence and change its approach to health at every size or stop being aired! There are so many ethical concerns.

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