Want to give up dieting and still eat well for better health and well-being?

Want to feel happy and satisfied with your body and your life?

Want to find the energy and motivation to finally make it happen?

It is all possible.

Scientific research, plus many, many clients like yourself, tell us this: you make long-lasting changes to your health and life satisfaction when you get individualised support that adopts a non-dieting approach.

Tim Cassettari, The Mind & Body Coach, is one of Australia’s few health experts university-trained in dietetics, psychology and exercise science. He combines world class nutrition expertise with thought leadership in a non-dieting approach, to coach people who are unsatisfied with their body finally live healthy, happy lives – at any weight.

He supports you in 4 ways:

  1. Nutrition that works: Learn how to create your own eating plan that you enjoy, and delivers results.
  2. Quit the dieting: Learn how to eat without rules, restrictions and guilt.
  3. Boost your happiness: Learn how to improve your body satisfaction and general life happiness.
  4. Change your behaviour: Discover strategies to boost your motivation, set inspiring goals and make it all happen.

Price: $99 for each 45-minute session.

Sessions are done via phone or Skype for your convenience.

Complete the form below and Tim will be in touch: