Why what you are striving for matters

Research shows that the goals we strive for tomorrow have a powerful effect on the person that we are today.

When we strive for power, a control over others or the pursuit of material things, we typically languish. We get caught in a rat-race that we can never win, and can become easily distracted from what’s truly important in this life.

When we instead strive for connection, a sense of spirituality or generosity towards others, we typically flourish. Our well-being is high, our physical health good, and we find a sense of meaning, purpose and value within our everyday lives, allowing us to also enjoy the here and now.

If you want to be happy and flourish in this life, it’s not about asking what you can get from the world.

It’s about asking what the world can get from you.

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  1. Very uplifting and insightful.
    I do think no matter what their focus is, a deep thinker will become more psychologically ‘wounded” whilst traversing than their more simplistic and light-hearted counterpart. The deep-thinker will naturally hyper-analyse and over-logicise situations but as a result will undergo greater self development and experience a more mature sense of insightfulness and natural intuition. The simplistic mind will however not develop as much spiritually or soulfully but will most of the time manage to retain a more balanced mental health status and be a greater success in achieving socially projected achievements such as holding full time employment, having a balanced social life, maintaining their health and body weight, retaining their sanity….

    Of course saying all that, having a healthy and realistic goal does give us a sense of drive and passion but once again there are many other factors at play. I’m aware of many people who would love to be able to connect more with the earth but struggle to find their ‘Avatarian’ roots, while others spend so much time trying to find out who they are and the meaning of everything that they are too distracted to achieve much else in life (like myself!).
    Sorry Tim, that response has been way longer than I predicted.
    Keep blogging 😉🌻
    Love your work.
    L x

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