Introducing you to the ultimate diet

No, it isn’t Paleo, Atkins or Lemon Detox.

Instead, the ultimate diet for you is a way of eating that you can stick with.

The truth is, there are many different ways to healthy eating. Science hasn’t discovered a superior diet type for us all.

But the substantial health benefits that arise from changing the foods we eat can only continue, of course, when the changes are adopted, long-term.

And once you find something you can stick with, the best news is this: you’re no longer on a diet at all.

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  1. Very true.
    We’re all so unique and all have enough intuition to know what foods and beverages are having detrimental effects on us.
    This same ‘no eating plan fits all’ approach is also best applied to body shape and weight as well in my opinion.
    Conclusion, if you feel well, if you’re generally happy and you love yourself then stick with whatever it is you’re doing.. If not, than the contrary applies.

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  2. How true Tim!!!! Great post! Do you think there is an inherent human need to follow something? Do you think some people like saying “I’m paleo or I’m doing the 5 and 2” etc…Keep them coming!!

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    • Thank you! And such a great question.

      I haven’t seen much scientific research that addresses this, but I think the popularity of these diets largely comes down to their simplicity.

      When we are told and believe that, “The only thing between you and good health is cutting out x”, our confidence and motivation improves, and we are naturally more inclined to try it, and tell others about it too.


      • It is possible that we highly likely do feel the need to follow trends constantly because generally speaking we are pack animals. We are naturally codependent/interrelated and also instinctively habitual creatures so communities, popular fashions, spiritual beliefs and also diets and lifestyle concepts appeal greatly to our natural characteristics as humans.. I believe. Also, we have a real innate yearning to be accepted, understood and relative to those around us…

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        • I think you’ve got it spot on.

          We all need to connect with others and to feel like we belong, just as you’ve suggested. This is considered one of our 3 basic psychological needs (

          Through this lens, we can understand and explain much of human behaviour, including our desire and willingness to follow trends and fit in at all costs, even when it sacrifices our longer term well-being.


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