The true you and the false you: which one are you?

The true you describes the version of yourself that you truly want to be.

It is driven by our hopes, our dreams, our values and our strengths, and brings excitement, energy and purpose into our lives.

The false you is someone else’s version of what your true you should be. It is an edited version that listened and conformed to both the social pressures and our desire to please.

One of the most important questions we can ever ask ourselves is this: which one are we?

Are we being the person that we really want to be, and chasing for the things that we really want to accomplish? Or are we compromising our deeper dreams and values for the ‘right’ or easy path?

Of course, being the true you involves fear, hard work and risk.

And of course, you have a choice.

But the magic about becoming the true you is that the energy, passion and excitement that arises propels you forward. You live with a sense of drive and deep self-satisfaction that remains, regardless of any successes or failures you may have.

And the problem with the alternative?

Is that eventually the day will come where you look back and regret all the time, energy and effort spent in the pursuit of dreams and expectations you were never really excited about.

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