Doing what you love (again and again)

One year ago, I published my first ever blog post. As I wrote then, this blog is a deep passion of mine.

Today, I’ve published over 15 000 words, or about half a non-fiction book.

I’ll be honest. It’s been hard.

Hard to start writing when there is so much else that could be done. Hard to persist with writing when I debate what to write about. And hard to come back to writing when I feel what I’ve written could have been done better.

What’s kept me going is an intense energy and feeling inside of me. An energy that comes from doing what I’m passionate about, and a feeling that it would be even harder to give up doing what I love.

It’s important to understand willpower isn’t something that is ever out of your reach.

Instead, it’s something that grows inside of you when you find the courage, and make the commitment, to do what truly excites you.

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  1. Hi Tim,

    Congrats on your 1 year anniversary of blogging! I know it can be hard work.

    I’m continuing to enjoy your articles and very much appreciate them. thank you!

    I like how you’ve put links to references throughout the article (where relevant) and I like the topics you choose to write about. You also have a good style of writing.

    Keep up the awesome work!




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  2. Onward, Tim, even when the effort seems challenging! I sense this is something manageable given your acknowledged passion for blogging. I hear you, too, when you talk about how hard it is; yet as your post title implies… when we do what we love, it makes our efforts worthwhile. 🙂 Here’s to your willpower and commitment. They are noble qualities – ones that will serve you well as you continue to share meaningful messages.

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