3 reasons why you can skip the detox diet this year

  1. There is no strong scientific evidence whatsoever to suggest detox diets remove toxins from the body. You see, because detox diets rarely define the toxins they aim to remove, or the process in which they eliminate them, their claims can rarely even be tested scientifically.
  2. The concept of detox dieting itself is flawed. Our liver, lungs, kidneys, intestines and immune system already remove harmful substances that enter our body, often within hours of their consumption.
  3. Detox diets often bring with them a number of unwanted side effects: low energy levels, nutritional deficiencies, headaches, constipation, and lost money on the unnecessary laxatives or supplements sold with the diet, are just some of the many examples. 

Yes, the promise of better health, weight loss, increased energy, glowing skin and greater confidence, in as little as a few days time, sounds too good to be true, because it is.

But whilst detox diets are a marketing exercise, and not a science, perhaps the biggest concern for me is that they make us believe that we have to do something drastic for better health.

We don’t.

Making small changes today that we can actually stick with leads to better health over time.

And when we make changes that do stick, we build the confidence and motivation that allows us to continue making more of them, long into the future.

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