One type of medicine that’s definitely worth taking

What if you read about a pill that could help to increase your:

  • metabolism
  • self-esteem
  • strength
  • mental abilities
  • physical performance
  • muscle mass, and also,
  • reduce your fat mass.

Would you take it?

Suppose you read further, and it did have a number of side effects, but they were all good. It too can improve:

  • how your cardiovascular system works, reducing your risk of heart disease
  • how your muscular system works, reducing your risk of diabetes, and
  • how your skeletal system works, reducing your risk of developing brittle bones later in life.

What’s more, this pill is perfectly natural, and doesn’t have to cost anything.

Now would you take it?

All the benefits of such a pill exist. They are found simply from doing resistance (weight) training.

Resistance training is not just for young men: everyone benefits. And resistance training doesn’t need to be done in a gym: squats, lunges and push ups are simple examples that can be done in the living room at home.

If you don’t do any resistance training now, what’s truly stopping you from starting as just a 15 minute practice once a week? If you don’t know how to, how can you find out from someone who does?

I think it’s interesting that we are waiting and hoping for a natural, affordable pill that will one day successfully deliver just one of these benefits, without the side effects.

The reality is, there is really no need to be waiting at all.

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