Healthy mind, healthy body

It is well-known that our emotions, both positive and negative, have a direct effect on our physical health. By definition, emotions have a physiological effect on our body, and it is in this way that they can strongly influence our health and vitality.

Feelings of chronic stress, anxiety or hopelessness, as just some examples, can increase the strain on our cardiovascular system and our risk of heart disease. Feelings of joy or excitement, on the other hand, strengthen our immune function and significantly lower our risk of colds and flu.

What is less well-known, but even more important, is that these emotions are influenced directly by how we think. We feel stressed because we think we can’t cope. We feel anxious because we think all about how it could go wrong. And we feel hopeless because we think that we will never find another way if this way fails.

Scientific findings show that optimism, which is the thinking process that concludes good things will happen, is associated with better cardiovascular health, and may also reduce cancer risk. This is an effect that parallels the benefits of high fruit and vegetable consumption.

Our mind and body are deeply connected. A desire to cultivate a healthy body starts with a desire to cultivate a healthy mind.

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  1. Very true. Its all very deeply intertwined. Positive thinking equals better health. Natural additive and preservative free eating promotes psychological health and physical health. The more the dopamine and oxytocin a in the blood, the more resilient you become. The more content you are and the less you stress, the less sugar and fat cravings you get. It’s all a big cycle. Same goes for the contrary. Stress, depression and exhaustion occur when dopamine and endorphins are low, leading to ‘quick fix’ foods like sugar and chocolate, which in turn promote weight gain, further cravings and lower immunity. Very complex. It’s amazing how a few stressful days can throw your entire system off balance!
    Thanks for the article. Very thought provoking :0)

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